What should I bring with me when I come for my appointment?

Medicare and insurance information

  • Medicare and insurance details
  • A referral from your General Practitioner
  • Any recent x-ray reports and test results from your referring doctor
  • A list of all medications that you are currently taking
  • A list of any known drug allergies
  • Details of any previous operations

Are my medical records kept confidential?

Your medical file is kept with the utmost respect for your privacy. Our staff are bound by a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their employment . We will not release details of your medical condition without your signed consent.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

We will only accept referred patients. This is to ensure that seeing a cardiac specialist is appropriate for your condition. Medicare also specifically requires a referral from your general practitioner as a conditon for receiving the medicare rebate for specialist services.

How can my family doctor help me to obtain specialist care?

Before seeing a medical specialist, you should see your family doctor, who can discuss your condition and advise on whether specialist care is appropriate. He or she can help you to choose the specialist best suited to your needs. Your family doctor can help the specialist by providing relevant information about your health. Close communication with the specialist will enable your doctor to care for you better during and after your consultation with the specialist.

What should I expect during first visit?

During your visit, the specialist will assess your condition by asking questions about your symptoms and will then undertake a physical examination. He will then decide on appropriate investigations, several of which will occur in the same sitting. He will explain the specific test you require, undertake that test, discuss the results and review the risks imvolved. Once this is all done he will confirm the diagnosis and advise on appropriate treatment.

What will be the cost of this specialist consultation?

Patients are required to pay for their consultations and any investigations which are undertaken through these rooms. This will incur a ‘gap fee’ which has been pre-specified. in most cases between 70 and 85% of that fee will attract a medicare rebate. EFTPOS will be available as well as all other payment options.

Why is this clinic not bulk billed?

Private specialist rooms are very expensive to run. The cost of leasing, administrative and clinical staff, ‘state of the art’ equipment and consumables all account for the ‘gap fee’ which is charged at the time of your consultation. Access to specialist care is much quicker through these rooms and this probably justifies the additional cost involved. There is still a bulk billed specialist clinic at the Base Hospital where you can consult with A/Professor R Chatoor. This is still accessible to you through a referral from your GP although the waiting times are unfortunately longer than they are if you are seen privately.

Why commit to this sort of service in Dubbo?

My wife and I have been in Dubbo for 15 months and in that time we have come to appreciate living and working here. There is a huge clinical need in this town and our patients deserve a local and optimally resourced cardiac service which offers the highest level of care. This is the first step with many more important developments to come.